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Scottish Parliamentary Review

Briefly, two former University of Edinburgh postgraduate students organized to form the Scottish Parliamentary Review (“Review“), a legislative journal focusing exclusively on the work of the Scottish Parliament. Using the Harvard Journal on Legislation and Parliamentary Affairs as our models, the Scottish Parliamentary Review will edit and publish articles not only on individual pieces of legislation currently under review by the Scottish Parliament, but recently enacted legislation which is noteworthy, and areas in which the Scottish Parliament should act but has not yet done so. Finally, the SPR will also publish at least one article per issue as part of a series on how the institution can be improved to better serve the people of Scotland.

The Scottish Parliamentary Review will be Scotland’s premier legislative journal focused on a critical analysis of the Scottish Parliament’s legislation and legislative process.

In this effort, the Review is always soliciting articles on selected topics. The cover of the SPR’s Inaugural Issue lists some of the topics chosen for the first issue.

In addition, the Review is seeking voluntary guest editors who can assist in improving the articles that have been submitted and approved for publication.

So, please subscribe to the Review and consider writing or editing an article for publication.

The Review will publish scholarly articles on particular legislation, bills currently under consideration and the need for legislative reform by the Scottish Parliament.

The Review invites articles from all interested individuals.

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