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The following authors have graciously contributed articles to the Scottish Parliamentary Review:

Sir David Edward, K.C.M.G., Q.C., F.R.S.E., P.C.

Sir David Edward


Sir David Edward, former judge at the European Court of Justice, opens the Lord Rodger Memorial Issue of the Scottish Parliamentary Review (Vol. I, No. 2) with an intriguing and probing analysis of Scotland’s position in the European Union in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote in September. Judge Edward presented his views (and this article in the SPR) to the Scottish Parliament’s European and External Affairs Committee on 23 January 2014.


Dr. Alastair Mann


After teaching in various capacities at the universities of Glasgow, St Andrews and Stirling, Dr. Alastair Mann joined the University of Stirling in September 2005, where he is currently a senior lecturer in history and politics.  After obtaining his PhD in 1997, Dr Mann became a research fellow in the Scottish Parliament Project based at St Andrews University (1998-2005) which has produced, under the directorship of Professor Keith Brown, the major online resource The Records of the Parliaments of Scotland ( Working chiefly on the period 1660 to 1707 he was co-editor of this project when it went live in 2008 and over the last decade has published widely on parliamentary history and the politics of seventeenth century Scotland, including The History of the Scottish Parliament, volume 2: Parliament and Politics in Scotland, 1567-1707 (2005), for which he is co-editor, and The History of the Scottish Parliament volume 3: Parliament in Context, 1235-1707 (2010), to which he has contributed two major chapters.

Patrick Layden, QC TD


Patrick Layden was appointed as a full-time Commissioner in September 2008.  Mr Layden practised as an advocate at the Scottish Bar for a period, then took up an appointment with the Lord Advocate’s Department in London in 1977. In that office he dealt with a wide range of legislative and advisory issues, focusing latterly on European and constitutional matters. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2000. On devolution, Patrick was appointed Legal Secretary to the Lord Advocate. In 2003 he was appointed Deputy Solicitor to the Scottish Government.


Dr. Paul Cairney


Paul Cairney is Professor of Politics and Public Policy in the Department of History and Politics.  He is a specialist in Scottish politics and public policy, currently completing (with Neil McGarvey, Strathclyde) a second edition of ‘Scottish Politics’.  He is also a specialist in the study of policymaking, currently writing a single–authored book entitled ‘Policy and Policymaking in the UK’ and co-editing (with Robert Geyer, Lancaster) a book on complexity theory and its applications to policymaking.

John Mason, M.S.P.


John Mason trained as an accountant in Glasgow and has worked for housing associations and a nursing home company.  He also spent 3 years in Nepal with a development organisation representing churches from all over the world.  On his return from Nepal he joined the Scottish National Party as he had become increasingly convinced that Scotland would do best by being an independent country again.  In August 2010 John was selected as the SNP candidate for the new Glasgow Shettleston Scottish Parliamentary constituency.  In Holyrood, John serves as the Deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee.  He is also a member of the Equal Opportunities Committee.

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