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Editorial Board

The Scottish Parliamentary Review is advised, guided, and supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable group of individuals who contribute to the publication’s success in a variety of ways.

The Board of Editors is currently composed of the following Members:

Gregor Clark, Esq., CB – Parliamentary Counsel, Scottish Law Commission;

Dr. Chris Currie – Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport, Louisiana;

Jane (McLeod) Hay – Former Deputy Solicitor to the Scottish Government;

Fiona Killen – Partner (Parliamentary/Public Law), Anderson Strathern LLP;

Patrick Layden, QC – Commissioner, Scottish Law Commission;

Dr. Alastair Mann – Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling;

John Cameron McCluskie, QC – Former Director, Office of the Scottish Parliamentary Counsel;

Dr. Andrew Mylne – Head of Non-Executive Bills Unit at the Scottish Parliament; and,

Dr. Richard Whitecross – Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University.

While the Review is deeply appreciative to the Board Members above for their assistance, any opinions expressed in the publication remain exclusively those of the authors.

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